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Manuel Mansanarez — Giclees

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Manuel Mansanarez

Manuel Mansanarez was born June 4, 1937 in the small mining town of Columbia, Utah. He was raised in the west, and became interested in art at a young age. He pursued the study of art in high school, and then continued to study on his own from then on. His studies continue this day, as he values the work of other artists.

His paintings reflect that which is closest to his heart, both the scenery and the animal life show his enthusiasm for the outdoors and the activities that he enjoys personally. From fishing and hiking to horseback riding. Manuel spends much of his time enjoying nature.

Although he has been an artist most of his life, he didn’t pursue his talent full-time until 1980. He quickly developed a reputation internationally and is respected for the realism and mood that is conveyed in his paintings and make them more than “just a picture”.

Manuel and his wife have four sons and a daughter, all of which are artistically inclined. He is proud of the fact that he is able to work closely with his sons in the art business.

giclees, bears, cubs, rivers, streams,rocks, fish
Chasing Rainbows
MM2017A (7x10) $32.00, MM2017M (16x23) $120.00, MM2017E (20x30) $206.00
Manuel Mansanarez — Giclees

elk, bulls, triples, cows
Manuel Elk Triple
TRP-MM207 (10x20) $68.00
Manuel Mansanarez — Giclees

giclees, buffalo, bison, clouds, Wyoming, sagebrush
MM2026A (7x10) $32.00, MM2026M (16x23) $120.00, MM2026E (20x30) $206.00
Manuel Mansanarez — Giclees

giclees, moose, bears, lakes, trees, mountains, bulls,
Threes Company
MM2025A (7x10) $32.00, MM2025M (17x23) $120.00, MM2025E (22x30) $206.00
Manuel Mansanarez — Giclees

giclees, bears, otters, rivers, streams, logs, trees, mountains
MM2024A (7x10) $32.00, MM2024M (16x23) $120.00, MM2024E (20x30) $206.00
Manuel Mansanarez — Giclees

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