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Clark Kelley Price

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Clark Kelley Price

Clark Kelley Price was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1945. As a child he loved to draw and even his earliest artistic efforts told stories. His parents recognized his talent and encouraged him to use it. He received his formal education at Rick's College and Brigham Young University, however his deep commitment to the Gospel, his love of the West— both modern and historical—and his life experiences have been his greatest resources in developing his talent.

He spent his early years living in a log cabin that his parents had built in Montana. Surrounded by nature, Clark developed an appreciation for the land, as well as an ability to observe the kinds of details that many overlook. He has been able to call upon his observations and experiences to create the art for which he has become known. The subject matter of his work ranges from religious to old west.

He has painted full-time since 1973. The Ensign Magazine often used his art. He has done paintings for the LDS temples in Tonga, Samoa, and Seattle, as well as for the MTC in Provo, Utah. He has illustrated several books including Porter Rockwell, A biography and has illustrated the covers for books by John H. Groberg. He has won awards from the Church International Art contests and International Poster contests.

Clark is well-known in the Western art world. His art is compared to that of master Western artists and is highly sought after. Each painting tells a unique story. These works are found in private collections throughout the USA and abroad. His western art has earned him awards from the Arts for the Parks program as well as from the Wyoming Historical Society.

He and his wife, Irene, reside in Star Valley, Wyoming. They are the parents of seven children.

cowboys, horses, rocking, rivers, herds, cattledrives
Rockin' Right Along
CP064 (22x30) $182.00
Clark Kelley Price

horses, cowboys, rocks, mustangs, ropes, roping, wild
Trap In The Jordan Narrows
CP067B (16x20) $86.00
Clark Kelley Price

cowboys, horses, cows, cattle, ropes, roping
Where Horses Are Heros
CP070B (16x20) $86.00
Clark Kelley Price

cowboys, horses, cattle, cows, calves, roping, ropes
She Means Business
CP072B (16x20) $86.00
Clark Kelley Price

cowboys, horses, bucking, covered wagons, sagebrush
Powder River
CP068 (24x30) $182.00
Clark Kelley Price

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