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Charlie Lansche — Giclees

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Charlie Lansche, Photographer

Charlie's love and passion for the West, with its abundant wildlife, dramatic landscapes and rugged inhabitants, has always been a n inspiring force in his life. In the early 70's, Charlie's parents moved their young family from California to Idaho seeking an outdoor lifestyle for their two boys. Charlie spent his formative years hunting, fishing and exploring Idaho's remote backcountry rivers, arid valleys, and windswept mountain ranges. For Charlie, each day brings the promise of adventure and the excitement of witnessing something special and unique. Charlie was the Featured Photographer in the Park City Film Series Filmmaker's Showcase and his award-winning images have been published in numerous national and regional magazines, newspapers, and conservation-oriented non-profit groups in Utah and Idaho. Charlie and his wife Coni, along with their two teenage children, reside along the western edge of the Uinta Mountains in the rural hamlet of Oakley, Utah.

giclees, inspirational, bridges, rivers, meadows, clouds, sun
The Crossing
CL2018B (11x15) $76.00, CL2018M (16x23) $120.00, CL2018E (20x30) $206.00
Charlie Lansche — Giclees

Giclees, rivers, lakes, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, fishing, fly fishing, flies
Red Dawn
CL2017A (7x10) $32.00, CL2017M (16x23) $120.00, CL2017E (20x30) $206.00, CL2017GDL (23x35) $306.00
Charlie Lansche — Giclees

giclees, sunsets, rivers, fly fishing, fishing, daisies, clouds, sunrises, flies, flowers, the
Evening on Henrys Fork
CL2016A (7x10) $32.00, CL2016M (16x23) $120.00, CL2016E (20x30) $206.00, CL2016GDL (23x35) $306.00
Charlie Lansche — Giclees

giclees, horses, clouds, desert, sagebrush, mountains
Painted Desert
CL2011C (12x23) $98.00, CL2011GDL (20x40) $306.00
Charlie Lansche — Giclees

giclees, trucks, pick ups, clouds, trees, fences, pastures, fields
'49 International
CL2007A (7x10) $32.00, CL2007M (16x23) $120.00 (as shown), CL2007E (20x30) $206.00
Charlie Lansche — Giclees

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